Tuesday, March 2, 2010


In July 2009, the Nevis Island Administration authorized Canadian developer Windwatt Power Ltd to proceed with plans to develop wind power on Nevis. Barely six months later, the developer is constructing the first phase of a planned 4.4 MW wind farm that will provide green electricity to the island.

The work now in progress, to erect 4 Vergnet GEV MP 275 kW collapsible wind turbines (like the ones on Guadeloupe), will install 1.1 MW of wind capacity and is scheduled for completion in June 2010. The developers have plans for an additional 3.3 MW to be installed in phase 2.

This comes hard on the heels of the Nevis geothermal project which, in its first phase, is intended to construct an 11 MW geothermal power plant on Nevis.

So all told, in the past two years Nevis has approved and commenced implementation of two large green energy projects with a total (phase 1) installed capacity of about 12 MW - which is 2 MW more than the current peak demand on the island!

On the face of it, this is remarkable progress – and it far exceeds what the other Eastern Caribbean countries have achieved in renewable energy (which, in most cases, has been nothing).

Nevis’ managers are justly proud of themselves. During a field visit in February to the Windwatt site at Maddens Estate, Carlisle Powell, the junior minister for natural resources and the environment in the Nevis Island Administration, noted that there has been “a tremendous amount of talk from St Lucia, St Vincent, and from St Kitts even, where they are planning an 8 megawatt wind farm but to the best of my knowledge there is none which has actually started. In Nevis we have done more than start – we have the equipment on site, we have laid out the site already, so we are on the way”.

Well said, Mr Minister.