Saturday, May 15, 2010


Guest post from Welectricity
I found Chris Baskind's blog tonight, which has inspired me to post this.

I'd already been following Chris on Twitter, but have only just gotten around to checking his other writing out. He lives in Florida and he's been writing some powerful stuff on the unfolding BP oil disaster that threatens him and us all.

Chris describes himself as someone who believes that "life is better and the Earth is happier when we use fewer resources". As I tweeted shortly after reading it, that statement could well be Welectricity's motto.

In fact, our mission statement is pretty close! It's:

"To motivate the world to live better by consuming less".

It's a shared mission. We're excited to see that it's shared by people who are making a difference - and we're working very hard to share it with you. 

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